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ARC - Installation

NCRC lobby installation

Professors: Joshua Bard + Matthew Schulte
University of Michigan
Spring 2012

Utilizing digital technologies to produce both the design and the fabricated structure allowed for the design to be complex while also offering a way to decrease fabrication time. The design which is seemingly complex is an aggregation of a module composed of three 1/4" steel rods. This aggregation transforms the module into a shape which conforms to the site and creates a space for collaboration for the researchers at the NCRC (North Campus Research Center). Based on the need for more public collaborative space, this design creates a closed off space while keeping visual transparency into the space. Using bent steel rod as the main material and custom designed hardware to connect the assemblies, the lobby is transformed into a separate inhabitable space and uses its unique shape and design to engage with the occupants. The fabrication and installation took place over the course of the summer.

Collaborators: Steve Anliot, Mike Kim, Jeff Nader