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North Water 18

Chicago Cineplex

Professor: Glenn Wilcox
University of Michigan
Winter 2011

This design proposal is for a cineplex within the downtown Chicago area. The site is located on the north side of the Chicago River, next to the NBC building and the University of Chicago school of business.

My proposal is for a Cineplex in which the theaters are perceived as floating within the volume of the cineplex. The 15 theaters, all of varying size, become tubes to which to view films. These tubes are registered on the outer skin of the building through the gradient pattern on the skin. Where the skin becomes solid, is where the theaters meet the exoskeleton skin. The tubes through the entirety of the building are meant to be seen as a theater to view the city. They are oriented towards views of the city and are meant to be seen as a public space for the city of Chicago. These public tubes, register as holes in the facade from the outside and theater tubes if viewed from the interior. This dichotomy is meant for the patron to understand these public spaces as ways of viewing the city in the same way as they would a film.