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Detroit Seed Bank

Professor: Maria Arquero
University of Michigan
Fall 2010

A project to design a seed bank which collects and stores seeds for archiving as well as research purposes. A hierarchy of space defines specific programs and their relationship to one another. The skin that wraps around the building, with relationship to the position of programmatic space, allows for a multitude of transparencies. The skin covers the other constructed walls and creates a third space, or the in-between space. These in-between spaces offer a variety of programs from research greenhouses to public gallery and exhibition rooms. The seed storage areas are the most private and pushing them away from the facade created a very secure area within the building. Public galleries and exhibition areas are the most transparent with just the skin enclosing them. By allowing for multiple levels of privacy, the building functions as both a secure space for seed storage as well as a public space for interaction and display of research.