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Quad City

Seoul High-Density Residential Building

Professors: Claudia Wigger + Karl Daubmann
University of Michigan
Winter 2012

Quad City is a neighborhood of a masterplan proposed by our studio for the Vertical Cities Asia competition in 2012. As a studio we developed the overall masterplan and then groups focused on certain areas of that plan for a more focused design of a building. Quad City was chosen by our group, which offered us an opportunity to develop a new courtyard building typology. Looking at the barcelona courtyard block, we expanded on this idea by creating blocks which were one building instead of broken up into many smaller properties. By having the building take up an entire block, we were able to make larger formal changes to the building.

Our proposal creates a two ringed system of housing with an atrium which houses hallways which connect the two rings. The rings function differently with the interior ring more open and transparent towards the courtyard and the exterior ring more enclosed on street side.

The atrium is used as a way to naturally ventilate the residences and allow for natural light on both sides of the units.

Collaborators: John Ewanowski, Harold Sprague Solie