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Split House

Ann Arbor Residence

Professor: Glenn Wilcox
University of Michigan
Fall 2012

This project developed over the course of a semester in which the schematic design was actually multiple smaller projects devoted to specific ideas of housing and craft. The first project built an enclosure out of only one material, standard 2x6's. The second project added another material, metal, and further developed the definition of enclosure. The third project added one additional material, plastic, and needed to accommodate programmatic constraints of a house.

The split house is a study, which extends the ideas of craft in order to create a single family house in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The house is split into program specific to a residence and then utilizes a system of panel's which regulate light in order to define spaces. The panels are sided so that one side is patterned and textured, while the other side is flat. This dichotomy allows for the differentiating of inside and outside of specific spaces, while blurring how the spaces create a single home.